Aziza Trust is dedicated to wellbeing the humanity in the following categories:

A. Social welfare:
   a) To help the poor senior citizens who do not have descendants to look after him/her, or who are not being taken care of by anyone or by the
government of the state, or any old person who really need financial assistance in order to survive.
   b) To help the poor parents who are unable to marry their daughters because of financial difficulties, or help the average women who cannot afford to get marry due to financial hardships.
   c) To extend our helping hand to the disabled community who cannot earn enough money for their own survival.

B. Education:
   a) To help the poor students who cannot bear the cost of education, or parents who cannot afford educational expenses for their child / children.
   b) To motivate the students, who might drop out, and try to keep them in school
   c) To establish a non-profitable conventional school/college/university facility to ensure the proper modern education for the general people.

C. Health Care:
   a) To give support to poor people who cannot get proper treatment (natural or conventional) due to their financial crisis.
   b) To establish a charitable hospital facility (natural or conventional) to ensure proper health care and free treatment to poor people.
   c) To import natural (i.e. Ayurveda, herbal etc.) medicines or conventional medicines from any local company or any foreign country to ensure proper        healthcare of the patient.
   d) To market imported products for income generation. The profit would be dedicated to improving the healthcare sector.