Our Values

Mutual Respect                    

Our Mission

To become the most trusted principal organization that stands for human welfare in serving others in both education and healthcare. Aziza Trust is committed to serving humanity by providing welfare services to financially needy people.

Our Vision

To be the leading charitable organization in human welfare activities according to international standards


Aziza Trust is a non-political and not for profit charitable organization run by a board of Trusteess. Professor Dr. Enamul Hossain is the founder and chairman of the Trust. The name of the trust belongs to his beloved late mother, Azizun Nesa who was the pillar of Professor Hossain’s success. Aziza Trust is established aiming for human wellbeing in the field of removing poverty from the society, education, and healthcare. It has two wings – non-profitable funding, and charitable funding. Based on the need and the analysis of the circumstances of the borrower, the board of Trusteess will decide the appropriate funding sources for the applicants. We value honesty, transparency, mutual respect, responsibility, teamwork, and commitment. Our motto is to work for others with good intention. We have dedicated ourselves to improving the quality of human life for our own best feelings.

Goal of the Trust

“AZIZA TRUST” takes the responsibility of helping the poor, the landless and the neglected of the community and people belonging to different occupation specially aimed at removing poverty, improving education, and healthcare. The trust specifically helps poor seniors who cannot earn, the parents who cannot afford their daughter’s marriage, the student who cannot afford their educational expenses even by their parents, and healthcare. It aims at making the under privileged people self-reliant through creating awareness, skills, and empowering them and establishing their legitimate rights in the society.

The primary goal of Aziza Trust is to remove poverty, provide educational assistance to needy families, and health care services to the people neglected by the community. The trust also aims at developing various programs which will create awareness, job skills among poor people. The trust especially helps poor senior citizens, poor pregnant women, and parents who cannot afford their daughters’ marriages.

Main Strategies of the Trust

The Aziza Trust is a non-profit and non-political organization dedicated to serving any financially needy and deserving individual regardless of his/her race, color, religion, caste, or political view. The trust is solely dedicated to empowering neglected people of the society by removing poverty, improving education, and healthcare services so that they can become productive citizens of the broader community.>

The Trust may engage in income generating and profit making activities in order to sustain its operations, and day to day activities. However, none of the income and/or profit shall be distributed to the Trusteess who shall render voluntary service or salary based services to the organization. The income and profit will be utilized for implementation of the goals / objectives of the Trust.